English Essay Writing Skills

English Essay Writing Skills

Express your ideas and points effectively

At English Tuition Singapore, we impart students with the relevant writing skills for Paper 1 by utilising practice questions and sample essays for reference. Our secondary English tuition programme is exam-oriented as students will be given many opportunities to apply their writing skills and knowledge in class. As we understand that you may encounter difficulties in handling this component of Continuous Writing, this section serves as a guide for you to identify the essentials of the paper and develop the awareness to overcome the learning obstacles effectively.

How can I do well in Continuous Writing?

A basic guide to English Continuous Writing

For Continuous Writing, students are required to express their ideas in continuous form for 300 to 500 words. This means that there is a need to organise points and elaborate them accordingly. To kickstart your revision for O Level English, you can browse through the following points to develop a basic understanding of this component, so as to be more prepared for the uncertainties of the examination.

Recognise different types of Continuous Writing

First, you should be familiar with different types of Continuous Writing, such as descriptive and argumentative essays, given that each format has a specific set of requirements to be met in your writing.

A descriptive essay requires students to be versatile and well-equipped with vast vocabulary to express their ideas and views in captivating ways. At times, a descriptive or narrative essay will require students to express their thoughts and feelings towards certain issues on the personal level.

As for an argumentative essay, students are expected to provide opinionated views towards various issues, like social problems and shifts in recent trends. For example, students may be tasked to provide their views towards the use of technology in schools.


Set clear and concise introductory and concluding statements in your essays

It is important that you start and end your essay on the right foot. This means that your introduction and conclusion paragraphs are written clearly. The introduction provides a preview for examiners to understand the direction of your essay and the areas of discussion. For example, by having an organized introduction, examiners can follow your train of thoughts easily, thereby setting a good impression.  

Organise your points to develop a coherent essay

Coherent writing is an important skill as it helps your reader to absorb and comprehend information with ease. Hence, you should first set a rough outline of the essay that you are attempting so that you have a clear view of your arguments in sequence. This will enable you to manage the sequencing of your essay with various approaches such as factor-based or counter/rebuttal based. This enables for a coherent essay as your arguments are streamlined to answer the essay question accurately.  

Build on the fluency of language and linguistics to smoothen the flow of writing

Fluency of language and linguistics is a highly important skill as it serves to link your words and sentences properly and understandably.  A smooth flow of language is able to stimulate reading in a comfortable manner. Such fluency also widens the style and methods of expression which thrills the reading process and never instills boredom. Students, building on language fluency, should learn vocabulary from all style of writing so as to expand on their linguistics scope.  

Achieve Excellence for your O Level English Essay

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