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Join our GP Tuition and capitalise on our wealth of teaching experience with GP Tutor Simon Ng, where we develop students into capable and mature thinkers. Students attending our GP Tuition will find themselves be able to grasp broad themes and learn to integrate this knowledge. Moreover, you will acquire different flairs of writing and apply to the demanding essay component of GCE A Level General Paper. GP Tuition also teaches you to analyse passages and GP comprehension questions, along with GP essay writing techniques so that you can tackle questions with efficiency and effectiveness.

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GP Tuition Programme provided by emphasises on getting grade A for JC student. This exam-oriented and skills-based General Paper programme trains students in their language proficiency, intellectual acumen, argument articulation, essay writing skills and answering techniques. Students also undergo our Comprehension Answering Techniques and Essay Writing Skills Workshop where the teachings will be on the understanding of question requirements, development of answers in accordance to questions, creation of expressive causation, making of the argumentative debate and derivation of the analytical conclusion. Our students are trained to adapt to a spectrum of essay writing structures and different variants of comprehension passage to raise their capacity in order to handle the complexity of GCE A level questions.

Expect an enriching learning experience that is educational, inspirational and most of all, fun-filled. Gone are the days of monotonous learning in classrooms.

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Learn how we can help you to ace the A Level General Paper examination via our GP Tuition programmmes. Learn more about our GP tuition classes and also the economics tuition programme available for both JC1 and JC2 students.

J1 GP Tuition Skills Development

Develop a command in the language and learn various skills such as passage analysis, word substitution, and essay writing flairs so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

J1 Economics Tuition Revision

Exercise your economic concepts into application writing and familiarise with the economic syllabus so that tackling essays and CSQ becomes more intuitive.

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Fake News and Censorship

The rising presence of Fake News has called for attention on the issue, since its controversy holds much impact on many societies. As part of our efforts to raise awareness and educate our students, we will be discussing about the problems and solutions of Fake News so as to widen the scope of knowledge for all. Readers will understand the nature of Fake News and what can possibly be done to mitigate its detriments.

The ‘fake news’ phenomenon

In modern societies, the widespread dissemination of fake news has become a persistent problem that governments are unable to mitigate and resolve. Ever since 2016 US Presidential Elections, Donald Trump has generated much publicity with the use of ‘fake news’ as the buzzword. Although critics argue that Trump’s use of ‘fake news’ was indiscriminate, this incident has raised an important topic of discussion that individuals, organizations and governments should examine to address the negative impacts of fake news.

Should we be concerned with fake news?

The proliferation of fake news is harmful to societies. From the social standpoint, the spread of misinformation and hoaxes contributes to confusion and chaos, leading to social instability. In more extreme cases, malicious individuals and organizations distribute fake news to create social fissures that may escalate into violent conflicts. For example, perpetrators used hate speech to direct the anger of their gullible audience to innocent victims. Furthermore, the accessibility of digital media tools has exacerbated and accelerated this worrying trend, such as the empowerment of individuals to create their own informal news platforms. Without proper regulation of the media, there will be disastrous consequences on societies.

How can censorship resolve the problem of fake news?

In view of the harmful repercussions of fake news, it is crucial to consider possible solutions, particularly censorship. Censorship can be applied in many levels.

From the individual’s perspective, education is necessary to raise awareness on the issue of fake news and acquire the skills to conduct self-censorship. For example, people should learn to identify fake news and not be deceived by the attention-grabbing headlines and media content.

In addition, governments can impose strict and harsh penalties to individuals and organizations that are proliferating fake news and seeking to cause harm and distress on unwary targets. For instance, founders of a socio-political website, The Real Singapore, were jailed for the publication of fabricated news that sought to sow discord between Singaporeans and foreigners. As such, strong government regulations can deter potential perpetrators and minimize the negative impacts of fake news.

Why do people publish fake news?

Apart from the understanding of the implications that fake news has on societies and how we can resolve the harmful effects, it is also important to examine the underlying motivations of these malicious individuals and organizations.

From the economic point of view, authors and site founders argue that the manufacturing and publication of fake news is lucrative. Sensationalised and exaggerated news in the written and visual forms tend to become viral, causing viewership to surge quickly, or even on the same day. For example, founders of The Real Singapore earned at least $500,000 by publishing hoaxes and misinformation on social media to raise site traffic, thus attracting advertisers.

Also, from the political perspective, some disseminate fake news to pursue political agendas that undermine opponents and raise their standings in the political arena. Committees were set up in the wake of the inquiry that the Russians may have intervened in the 2016 US Presidential Elections by using fake news to sway the American voters’ decisions.

What’s next?
Although much efforts have been made to stamp out the global phenomenon of fake news, large-scale and combined intervention is needed to put a dent on this stubborn problem.

What other gp issues do we discuss?

With such a wide scope stemming from the study of Fake News and Censorship, it is inevitable to explore in-depth areas relating to the relevance of censorship, solutions to fake news as well as the discussion on freedom of speech. Understanding these extended topics will allow our students to discern the intricacies of censorship and the media so that their knowledge of global issues formulates comprehensively.

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