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Building English proficiency for the examinations and beyond.

Our targeted, yet holistic Upper Secondary English Programme will prepare you for the writing and comprehension components of the 1128 GCE O Level English Examinations. This course builds upon and reinforces the firm foundation in English built during the Primary and Lower Secondary years, with unique exercises to make students more critical readers and more engaging writers, all while imparting the tips and tricks beneficial to performance in the abovementioned examinations. Simultaneously, they seek to impart in students an awareness of the complexity and fluidity of the world around them, as well as a depth and breadth of thinking and discussion.

Why join our Secondary English Tuition?

Develop the essentials of reading and writing in English

Our Secondary English Tuition fills the education void left behind by schools with a dedicated focus on small class sizes and specialised education resources to cater to the invaluable needs of our students. Our tutors are highly trained and highly motivated to provide the best education to our students and ensure that they stand out amongst their peers in terms of English literacy and proficiency.

Generate ideas and broaden your discussion with our engaging lessons

Students will learn to find points to extend their writing by participating in our class discussions with the tutors. Through active engagement, students will develop the ability to build on ideas and express opinions clearly and systematically. By doing so, they will apply their knowledge in written form.

Enhance language and linguistics to meet the high requisites of examinations

Students enrolled in our programme will find themselves exposed to the style of language and the flexibility of linguistics. This helps to sharpen the focus of essay arguments while expanding the breadth and depth of vocabulary for the summary and comprehension sections.

Recognise various formats of writing and appropriate styles of expression

Our English tuition will guide students through the identification of different contexts of writing, like formal and informal letter for situational writing. Develop the ability to express your points by using relevant keywords and phrases to meet the question requirements accurately.

Class Schedule

When are our lessons?

The secondary english tuition classes are separated into regular tuition held on the weekly basis and intensive revision conducted during the school holidays. We have organized the lessons with alternative time-slots to match the pace of learning in schools.

Regular English Tuition  

Establish a strong foundation in the English language by going through our regular English tuition programme. The lessons will cover every critical aspect of the examination, like comprehension and composition writing.

Intensive Revision  

Identify your errors and correct them at our intensive revision programme. During the school holidays, you will develop proficient answering techniques for comprehension, situational writing, and composition questions.

About the Secondary English Tuition

Helping you address the problems you face in O Level English

Our curriculum and class activities incorporate insights from our experienced tutors who are familiar with both the examination requirements and the teaching of the language itself. They are designed to hone specific skills to address common issues in the examinations, but also to prepare the student for further education and life in general.

Paper 1 : Writing

Accurately discern and distinguish different types of writing

Just as different contexts demand different ways of using English in the real world, different question types in the ‘O’ Level examination demand often substantially different responses. For instance, the formatting and register used in a formal letter of compliment is distinct from that used in an informal letter to a friend. The tone and writing style in a narrative or personal recount is also vastly different from that for an expository or argumentative essay. Failing to deliver exactly what the question demands can be fatal.

Our programme exposes students to various writing types, emphasising each type’s distinctive characteristics and demands. Students are hence less likely to mistake one for another and fail to answer the question

Acquire appropriate and effective vocabulary

A student who knows what he must and wants to write might nevertheless not have the required vocabulary to express himself accurately and impactfully. From the connectors and phrases that aid flow and evaluation in an argumentative essay, to the rhetorical flourishes that make a speech impactful, our carefully crafted materials will expose students to the wide range of vocabulary that will help them to effectively write what they mean and mean what they write.

Develop independent thinking

In a sea of proficient scripts, the unusual catches the marker’s eye. With many schools and tuition centres drilling students with formulaic approaches to be slavishly applied during the exams, it is no longer sufficient to follow standard procedures, especially with the ‘O’ Level English examinations graded on a curve. Our approach to writing emphasises independent thinking, whether in responding creatively to a narrative writing prompt, or taking a unique, critical stance in an argumentative essay. Trained to have an independent mind, the student will better distinguish himself both in the examinations and outside of them.

Paper 2 : Comprehension

Build a strong grammatical foundation

Students often fail to build or retain a strong grammatical foundation in their Primary and Lower Secondary years, struggling with the Editing component of Paper 2 as as result. Our practices seek to remedy this shortcoming by cultivating both a sound theoretical grammar foundation and a “grammatical instinct” through constant exposure.

Understand and address question requirements

There is relatively little time and space allocated to short questions in the ‘O’ Level English Paper 2, and each question is thus designed to test for specific skills in the most efficient way possible. Students often fail to understand what the question is asking for, not differentiating between how or why, or confusing prescriptive and descriptive questions. Our guided comprehension exercises will help students to identify and discern the relevant question types, so that their effort in answering the questions is not wasted.

Master effective summary skills

With relatively little experience in writing summaries, students may be unfamiliar with how to simplify without distorting or omitting. They may also lack practice in word substitution, and in discerning when it is required. Furthermore, they may not be familiar with the new marking scheme, in which the number of points covered does not linearly correlate with the number of marks obtained. Our summary skills training will ensure that students know when, how, and how much to summarise, becoming familiar with the inside and out of this tricky section.

O Level English Syllabus (1128)

Understand the examination requirements

Based on the requirements of the O Level English as stated by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), our English tuition classes will take into consideration of the recent examination trends and demonstrate how students can be better prepared for the uncertainties and complexities of questions.

Hear from our former students

Be inspired to excel in your studies

Our growing alumni have touted how they have benefited from the English tuition programme as it gave them the needed focus and resources to tackle the O Level English examinations. Hear from them as they share their journeys on their growth in the English language and linguistics and how they made use of our resources to push this growth to the next notch. By reading the testimonials, you will be inspired to follow the same path and excel in English as our alumni did.

Excel in O Level English

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