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How our secondary English tuition will poise you for A

English Tuition Singapore is an exam-friendly learning portal that features secondary English tuition classes and educational resources that are beneficial in your study of the O Level subject. In preparation for the examination, you can browse through these distinctive features that contain useful advice and resources that will improve your understanding of the subject.

Benefits of our Secondary English Tuition

How our O Level English classes will prepare you adequately

Our secondary English tuition contain many useful features that are instructive as you explore the subject with fellow students and tutors. The tuition programme is comprehensive as you will be introduced to different aspects of the subject, like the Comprehension and Writing components (Paper 1 and Paper 2).

Express your ideas systematically and clearly

The study of O Level English, as a language-based subject, requires thorough and consistent practice, both in written and verbal forms. Our secondary English tuition classes feature active engagement between the tutors and students. We create a conducive learning environment for constructive discussions as you learn to organise your thoughts and views towards certain issues, such that you can express them effectively for examination-type questions.

Participate in exam-driven class practice sessions

Our secondary English tuition programme offers numerous class practices that serve as opportunities for self-assessment. Given the hectic schedule that you may have, it can be a challenging and discouraging process for you to find time to attempt questions. Therefore, our lessons will feature segments that specifically provide practices that are based on past examination questions. Also, you can review your answers with our tutors, who will provide feedback and advice on ways you can refine your answering methods.

Hear from our former students

Be inspired to excel in your studies

Get started in your revision for the O Level English examination by hearing from former students who have overcame the odds and emerged victories in their pursuit for excellence. Read on to find out more about their thoughts and feelings regarding their journeys and be inspired by their dedication and determination to ace the examination. It is through their commitment that enabled them to attain such remarkable results. We hope that you will be motivated to do the same as you prepare for your examination as well.

Embark on an experiential learning journey

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