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English Tuition Singapore

How English Tuition Singapore will prepare you for A

As the O Level English examination (1128) draws near, our secondary English tuition will set the stage with our Term 3 programme that will expand your knowledge and improve your reading and writing skills to master the English language.

What’s New at English Tuition Singapore

Latest features of our secondary English tuition

Be informed and educated on the trending features of O Level English at this learning portal. In this section, we will feature useful learning resources that are beneficial to your study of the subject as we explore various facets, like Situational Writing and Comprehension Questions.

O Level English Exam Preparation Programme

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Do you have what it takes to ace the O Level English examination? Sign up for our comprehensive intensive revision programme and build up the essential skills to handle the complex challenges of the questions. In our Term 3 phase, you will undergo extensive class practices to develop the familiarity towards questions and sharpen your answering techniques to score well.
Featured Comprehension Skill: Reading

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One of the important skills for English Comprehension is reading, in which you should be aware of the following aspects as you browse through the given text, either in narrative or non-narrative format. These aspects include the use of literary devices that require inference and interpretation. Read on to find out more as we delve into the skill of reading purposefully!
Featured Continuous Writing Skill: Outline Setting

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Given the diversity of Continuous Writing, such as argumentative and descriptive essays, you should develop the skill of setting outlines, which is a useful technique to organise your thoughts. Before you get started and write your essay in full, analyse the given question and list your points. Find out how you can form a well-organized essay.

Class Schedule

When are the classes held?

Our secondary English tuition programme comprises of two distinctive features, namely the regular tuition and intensive revision programme. Given the hectic schedule of students, our tuition classes feature alternative time-slots to allow students to select their preferred days for regular tuition, which is held on a weekly basis.

Regular Secondary English Tuition

Embark on an experiential journey by joining our regular English tuition classes. These lessons will feature different components of the examination, like comprehension and situational writing, whereby class discussion and practices will help you to develop greater awareness towards social issues as you refine your writing skills.

Intensive Revision Programme

During the school holidays, such as in the months of March, June, November and December, we conduct intensive revision classes for secondary students to improve their writing skills. This comprehensive and exam-oriented programme condenses the essentials of O Level English into a series of classes, which will help you to become proficient in the answering of different questions.

Skills Development Programme

Develop your reading and writing skills for English

Our dedicated Secondary English Tuition programme spearheads skills development in our students and imparts crucial teachings that they will need to ace the O Level Examination. Constant guidance and skills reinforcement in our classes allow our students to achieve remarkable progress as they attempt to master the English language in both reading and writing manner.

Comprehension Writing Skills

Our tutors will teach you how to master the art of answering comprehensions which includes information processing and complex inferences etc. You will also learn to improve your answering techniques through references from our learning resources.

Continuous Writing Skills

Students partaking in this programme will learn essential writing skills for different types of questions and become exam-oriented as they develop awareness to the content and context of writing.

Situational Writing Skills

This particular set of skills utilise different style of writing based on the situation given in the question. Students will have to master a wide range of question types and writing style in order to tackle the situational writing section.

O Level English Syllabus

Understand the requirements of O Level English

Know what to expect at the upcoming O Level English examinations (1128) by examining our features. Our tutors have identified a list of requirements that you should be aware of. Also, if you are seeking guidance and advice to support your academic endeavours, do consider joining our secondary English tuition classes. We will help to identify the essential areas that you must build on to prepare for the examination.

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