Bukit Timah Tuition Centres

A portal in the South.

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres is a regional portal that specialises in the provision of primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes offered by centres in the South. These centres are situated in areas like Orchard, Pasir Panjang, Newton, Holland and Bukit Merah.

Primary Tuition Online

Getting the basics right.

Search for primary English, Math and Science tuition classes provided by centres featured in this portal to get a head-start in your revision. We equip your child with the thinking and writing skills to be ready for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

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Secondary Tuition Online

Diversifying your areas of learning.

Register for the secondary tuition online classes at Bukit Timah Tuition Centres to acquire the essential answering techniques and ace the GCE O Level examinations. With support from experienced tutors, you will become more aware of the challenges that lie ahead in your journey.

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JC Tuition Online

Empowering motivated learners.

At this regional portal, students can choose from a wide range of JC Tuition classes, such as General Paper, Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, History and China Studies in English. Review your conceptual understanding and attempt complex practices to be ready for the GCE A Level examinations.

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Featured Tuition Centres

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This portal hosts a series of education centres that provide classes. Receive study notes and practices to make learning more productive. With the combined efforts of your diligence and our technical expertise, success is definitely within your reach.

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