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Economics Tuition

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Economics Focus offers economics tuition classes for students taking O level economics as well as A level economics at the H1 and H2 level. Here students will undergo comprehensive economics tuition programmes spearheaded by sought after economics tutor Mr Simon Ng that will prepare them thoroughly for their examinations.

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Economics Focus features tuition programmes that will help students improve drastically in economics. Tuition classes are focused on reinforcing conceptual understanding and ensuring that students will be able to acquire skills based techniques to excel in the paper.

Featured Notes

At economics tuition, students will find featured concise economics notes that will be able to help them comprehend difficult concepts easily. These notes are also designed to make revision more effective and less time-consuming.

Featured Essay

Students will also be able to find featured essays on our website that will be able to aid them in them development of essay writing skills. These essays are chosen by tutors allowing students to emulate and develop their own essay writing style.

Featured CSQ

Featured CSQs can be found on the website and it serves as a guide for students to learn and practice from. Students will be able to find the different types of CSQ questions asked so that they will be familiar with it.e.

Types of Economics Tuition Programmes

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EconomicsFocus specialises in providing O and A level economics tuition programmes for students struggling in the subject. Here, they will undergo comprehensive tuition programmes that are catered to their various learning styles to achieve learning optimization.

H1 Economics Tuition

Students taking H1 Economics tuition will learn to extract out important information from given data sources so as to build up their data analysis and interpretation skills to excel in Case Study Questions (CSQs), which is the sole question type for the new A Level Economics syllabus (8823).

H2 Economics Tuition

Students taking H2 Economics tuition will  be able to enrol in economics tuition that will develop their understanding of economics issues and concepts in an exam-oriented manner, training them to observe and analyse economic issues from given extracts and derive arguments in organized ways

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