Engaging tech-savvy learners.

English Tuition Singapore features tuition centres that incorporate online learning activities that enable students to keep learning. This is especially true when we live in an uncertain and volatile world. Therefore, eLearning is the next logical step.

Why try eLearning?

The benefits of learning English online.

There are three main reasons to explain why online learning is ideal for students to accumulate knowledge and refine application skills. Students can enroll in the English Tuition programmes conveniently, try out numerous practices regularly and assess their areas of improvement through online consultations.

Study in a stress-free environment

Put aside your worries over having to get up early and travel to school. With eLearning, you can enter the Virtual Classroom and begin the day by discussing various English-related topics with the educator and students.

Practise consistently.

“Practice makes perfect.” Online learning is the ideal medium for students to undergo regular practice. Our centres have vast archives of practice questions for students to tap on to be ready for the examinations.

Review carefully.

Get feedback from the English tutors to identify the errors. Undertake the necessary steps based on the given advice to raise your language proficiency. You can store and retrieve past marked practices in a secure archive.

How It Works?

Refer to these steps to start learning.

Browse the following section to find out more about the class activities conducted in the online learning programmes for English. Our exclusive list of centres are focused on providing adequate support for students as they strive to realise their true potential.

Join live-streamed classes

Attend these virtual classes that feature real-time video discussions with the English tutors. You can post questions to ask questions or take part in discussions during these ‘live’ lessons.

Comprehend English through the Virtual Whiteboard

Observe how the English Tutor writes on the digital board to understand certain ideas or concepts while learning the language. You can download these visual illustrations for future reference when you revise for the tests.

Organise your study materials in the MyWork Folder

As you move along in this enriching journey, you will receive more notes and practices. Therefore, we have developed a secure and accessible digital folder for you to store and retrieve your documents easily.


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The EduMarket is the hallmark of our education network that offers tuition programmes for primary, secondary and JC students. Apart from the English classes, students can search for other online learning classes, such as Math and Science Tuition.

A plethora of learning programmes.

Explore eLearning classes that cover academic programmes and enrichment workshops that enrich the lives of students for different age groups. These lessons are conducted by engaging educators who will inspire students to be inquisitive and resilient.

Study productively via eLearning.

Overcome your fear of learning English by trying out the online learning classes featured at the EduMarket. The listed programmes in the centralised portal utilise various online learning tools, like live-streaming and the Virtual Whiteboard that will make learning enjoyable and progessive.

Discover the joy of education.

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