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The study of history at the A levels is by no means an easy feat. Students will have to remember important historical facts and content while at the same time develop the necessary SBQ and essay writing skills for the examinations. Our JC tuition programmes helps students overcome such difficulties by employing signature teaching methods so that they will be able to achieve distinction in the subject.

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The JC history tuition website has an array of features that will keep students engaged. These features are meant to promote learning enrichment as well as to build up students answering skills in SBQ and essay writing.

Featured History Issue

Delve into the meaningful debate and exploration of past historical events as our featured issue cover the key aspects of the incidents. By reading through these regular features, you will develop a clearer understanding of the issues that are relevant for your A Level History exam preparation.

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Browse through the featured history essay to understand how historical issues should be analyzed in multiple perspectives. Learn how to write in analytical and organised ways, so as to score at the A Level History exams.

Types of JC History Tuition Activities

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Our JC history programme is an extensive programme covering regular history tuition classes to intensive revision classes that will allow for the acquisition and retention of historical knowledge and skills in an effective manner. These history tuition classes are also exam oriented to ensure students are familiar with the examination requirements.

Regular JC History Tuition Programmes

The JC history tuition programmes are based on the latest MOE syllabus requirements and are intended to help students develop their proficiency in the subject so that they will be able to improve and excel in the subject.

Intensive Revision Classes

The JC history tuition programme also features intensive revision classes during the examination period to help students prepare and recap on vital points they may have forgotten over over the year.


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