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Students will be able to find tuition programmes that cover a wide range of different subjects like Economics, General Paper and History. Tuition programmes are conducted by tutors who have been teaching the respective subject for years empowering students to refine their thinking and answering skills.

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Our tuition programmes feature a wide range of subjects and are designed to suit the various learning styles of students.

Tuition programmes are exam oriented to ensure that students are sufficiently prepared for their examinations.

Economics Tuition


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Education

Students taking H1 Economics (8823), will be able to cultivate proficiency in case study answering techniques, such as trend analysis, factor comparison and discussion of economic impacts which can be applied in the context of economics issues discussed in the given extracts and data.
GP Tuition


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Education

The A Level General Paper (8807) examination will assess a student’s ability to reflect on real world issues, like the social and economic impacts of technological advancement, and express arguments in cogent and clear ways. Students will engage in discussions with the tutors to apply their knowledge to exam questions.
JC History Tuition


Economics Focus - GP Tuition Singapore - GP Notes on Education

For students taking either H1 History (8821) or H2 History (9752), the lessons will impart them with the skills to analyze unseen historical text and extract out essential ideas to interpret the information critically. Knowledge application is carried out through essay writing and source based case study questions.

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Our tuition programmes focus on the holistic development of students. Tutors place equal emphasis on the academic and general well-being of students to ensure they have an enriching and fulfilling educational journey. This way, students will be prepared academically as well as for their future endeavours.

Exam-oriented Topical

Tutors are particular about preparing students thoroughly for their examinations and will be sure to place students through exam oriented lessons and revisions to fortify their understanding and knowledge of the examination requirements.

Concise Study Notes

Students attending the tuition programmes will be given concise and useful study notes to be used for understanding difficult concepts as well as for revision purposes.

Class Practices and Review

Students will undergo ample class practice and review sessions to ensure that they develop a complete understanding of the topic and subject they are studying. Such practices also help tutor identify and improve upon student’s weak areas.

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