Level Portals

A level-specific education network for learners.

Besides the regional and subject portals, we have three level portals that support our intricate and complex education hub, namely Primary, Secondary and JC Tuition Singapore. With these portals, we can reach out to students and parents who are in search of learning materials and tuition programmes for enrollment.

Primary Tuition Singapore

Be curious.

Primary Tuition Singapore focuses on the provision of education support for students to be ready for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). In particular, students can sign up for the Primary English, Math and Science Tuition programmes to develop a sound understanding for various topics.

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Secondary Tuition Singapore

Be resilient.

Secondary Tuition Singapore offers specialised online learning programmes for students that are preparing for the GCE O Level examinations. With a list of tuition centres helming this portal, students can find programmes like Secondary English, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Social Studies Tuition.

JC Tuition Singapore

Be innovative.

JC Tuition Singapore is a level portal that offers learning resources and tuition programmes for JC students that are gearing up for the GCE A Level examinations. In preparation for the future challenges, the featured programmes nurture students to think creatively and find various ways to solve real world problems based on subject-specific scenarios.

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Engage. Think. Apply.

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